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Portfolio Shoot By Experienced Photographer in San Diego

What We Offer

Design Portrait Session

The portrait session is designed to take you to a journey where you will find how to love yourself through photography. It's a magazine-styled session where you come in, and you get your hair and makeup done, My team and I style you, and then we make you look like a celebrity. Giving you a celebrity experience day, a styled photoshoot, that is designed to be incredible. Where we will create the most beautiful portraits, you have ever had.

The Consultation!

When you come in for a consultation, we will talk about what type of portrait session you need, how you want to be photographed, and everything you need to know and bring. We want you to bring up to five outfits for your photo session and help you style them. And, if you do not have five outfits to wear, during the consultation, we can help you find outfits to rent or buy online. So whatever you can think of, that is what I will create for you. Two week before your session, we’ll have a try-on appointment in your home, to finalize your wardrobe.

The Makeover

I highly recommend hair and makeup be done in the studio before a photo session with me.

My makeup artist & hairstylist will take you to the exact level of glam you desire. We want you to love your images.

The Photo Shoot

Once you’re done with makeover, and dressed and ready, I’ll guide you through the entire process of posing designed to achieve your best look. I will connect with you in a way that captures authentic expressions and the light that shines from inside of you.

Reveal & Ordering Session

About two weeks after your photo session you will return for the revealing of your stunning portraits. There will be 25-30 signature retouched portraits for you to choose from. At that time you will decide on what you want to purchase. During the private viewing/ordering appointment, you will be able to view and touch on the photos from your session. We can even design a beautiful gallery wall to display  various enlargement sizes. What you buy is entirely up to you. My job is simply to make the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself and that you will want to buy them all!

Schedule a Session

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Maria Soderman Photography


During your consultation we will talk about what type of portrait session you want and how you want to be photographed so we can start planning your wardrobe.
How you style your wardrobe depends on the type of portrait session you choose.